Natural Dyers is a textile workshop
which specialises in the handcrafting of
eco-friendly fashion accessories and clothing

Made with natural dyes and fabrics,
every item is a beautifully crafted,
one-of-a-kind piece


offering endless possibilities for customization

Each piece our workshop produces is unique

Our fabrics are carded and spun by hand, and our dyes made using pigments from natural sources
All this love and attention means that each item will have beautiful subtle variations in colour and texture depending on the fabric and dyes
As time passes, the effects of use, light and water will help your scarf develop an even more unique character

We strive for environmental sustainability when designing our products and take pride in creating something beautiful which won’t damage our planet

UNI EN ISO 105-B02:2013


The production process at Natural Dyers is based on nature’s life-cycle

As each blossom on a tree is unique, so is each pigment we produce.
Our hand-made dyes are inspired by the colours of the natural world and produce endless variations of colour

Combined with the natural textures of hand carded and spun fabrics, each piece will respond to a dye in a unique way,
displaying subtle and beautiful variations which will gain character with age



Our craftsmen and women are artisans who create designs which make the most of their experience with traditional weaving methods, while enjoying the freedom to explore outside the boundaries of traditional weaving techniques.

Using textiles, dyes and embroidery as the tools for artistic expression, they are able to create infinite variations which combine these materials in harmonious and original ways. As a result, each piece created is unique and beautifully crafted.


Natural dyeing is an ancient practice, which can help reduce the environmental impact of dyeing fabrics and can also help reduce skin irritation which is sometimes caused by the use of artificial substances in dyes.

Fabrics are treated with metal salts such as alum rock (also used in natural deodorants) before being dyed.

To make our natural dyes, only products of plant origins – flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruit and herbs – are used. Although dyes are wash and light resistant, they will respond to their environment and use, displaying subtle and beautiful variations with age.

We also offer the opportunity to re-dye your item, so if you want to give it a new lease of life or just fancy a change, we can help!



The art of dyeing flourished in ancient civilizations born along the great rivers: Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Indus and Yellow River, and each expressed their own preferences and needs in unique ways.

Each civilization used locally available plants, animals and minerals to make their fabrics and dyes. Egyptians mainly dyed linen, Assyro-Babylonians used wool, Indians used cotton, Chinese and Japanese used silk, Latin America used alpaca and vicuna while North American natives used jute and sheepskin.


Our project has a number of aims:

  • To produce environmentally friendly and sustainable products
  • To create new enterprises and employment opportunities in rural areas
  • To continue research into the use of plant-based natural dyes, phytography, cosmetics and herbal products
  • To contribute to industry knowledge and innovation
  • To support diversification and multi-functionality in our business
  • To challenge the issues which can arise from the the use of synthetic dyes, such as pollution and health problems

The growing attention to pollution and health problems connected to the synthesis dyes use demonstrates that those of plant origin may offer new opportunities of ecosustainable development.



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  • “Our success is the simple result of great passion, perfectionism, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

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