Overdyeing Service

Create your color by selecting the plant pigment to be used to dye the fiber quality of the textile gauze choice for customizing your fashion product 

We don’t use synthetic chemicals in our dyes and take inspiration from nature for our colours. The vegetable and mineral pigments we use mimic the natural cycle of life and during the process of ageing will develop a unique character with changes in shades and tones.

For Natural Dyers products, we offer a redyeing service for refreshing existing colours and an overdyeing service if you would like to update your scarf with a completely new look.

We strive for environmental sustainability when designing our products and take pride in creating something beautiful which won’t damage our planet.

Redyeing gives you the chance to create your own beautiful and unique piece with true character while preserving the Earth’s precious resources – look great and feel even better!

Overdyeing Process

  • Original Color

    You provide the colour code of your product (can be found on the packaging)

  • Choose New Pigment

    You choose your new pigment

  • Overdyeing

    The colour produced during overdyeing is unique and impossible to reproduce - you’ve created a one-of-a-kind piece!

  • Join the Community

    Your new colour will be published on the Natural Dyer blog, to provide inspiration to others.



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